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Commissioned for the fashion film for Poet in the City. 

Inspired by poem "Deceptive Beauty" by Simon Mundy.

Deceptive Beauty



She carries all the contradictions

Of peonies, body and soul,

Bloom and stem, held proud in Spring,

First and fast to rise. Her face a glory


Budding in a perfect moon, a mystery

So contained, complex in hidden folds,

So fecund in astonishing conclusion.

In full June panoply she seems


Gaspingly beautiful, her white cheeks

Tinged with pink, her neck flecked

With clever hints of colour, her scent

Pervasive late into the cathartic evening.


Her petal skin, though, flinches

At the slightest touch, bruises even

From a kiss of admiration,

Collapses as soon as picked,


A sigh of quick capitulation.

Your sadness is misplaced, don't worry,

For though she hates to be moved

Her roots will be among the earliest


To sense the death of frost,

Pierce the reluctant earth

And send her incarnation

Shooting from her bed again


Simon Mundy © 

Photo Ondrej Janu